Tournament Venues

General and accessibility information for preliminary and finals bout spaces.

The Democracy Center


45 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Physical Accessibility of Democracy Center:


  • A ramp is located on the DeWolfe St side of the building. The ramp varies between 43-45 inches width between the handrails. 

  • There is an automatic door opener on the DeWolfe St. entrance. 

  • The internal hallways vary between 27 inches to 31 inches wide.


  • The bathroom is not ADA compliant. The bathroom door is 30 inches wide, and there is not sufficient clearance to turn around for many users. There are grab rails 36 inches from the floor, the toilet seat is 16.5 inches off the floor (not ADA compliant).

    • In the meantime, our neighbors at Daedalus welcome event participants to use their bathroom. This can be accessed by exiting the ramp, turning left onto Bow St, and then left into the next building past the Democracy Center. The bathroom will be on your right. We recognize this option is not sufficient or in line with our values.

For additional information, visit The Democracy Center’s Website.

Friends Meeting at Cambridge


5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge, MA 02138 

Physical Accessibility of Friends Meeting House :


  • The entrance to the Meeting House has some uneven pavement. Please use caution.

  • The door to the Meeting House has an automated door opener. 

    • The doorway is 34 inches wide.

  •  At the entrance of the Friends Center, there is an inclined, paved entryway to the door as well as stairs.

    • The doorway is 34 inches wide. 

    • When entering the Friends Center, please note there is a 1 inches lip in the doorway.


  • The width of the entrance to the upstairs bathroom is 28 inches. 

  • The width of the entrance to the downstairs bathroom is 35 inches. 

    • To access this bathroom, please note that the elevator entrance is 35 inches wide.

  • Both bathrooms will have scent-free soap available. 

Accessible parking: 

  • There are two designated accessible parking spaces located in the front of the Meeting House.

For more information, visit Friends Meeting’s website.

First Parish Church


1446 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138


  • The more accessible entrance is located on the side of the church, on Church Street. The door is 34 inches wide.

  • Once you enter the building, there is an elevator to your left. Take the elevator to the second floor to the main church space. The entrance to the elevator is 36 inches wide. 

Performance Space:

  • There are pews that are secured in the floor and cannot be moved, but there are open spaces for folks using mobility devices and those they would like to sit with on either side of the room. 

  • There will also be space reserved at the front of the room for those who need to access ASL Interpretation.

  • The stage is an elevated platform with a 1 foot step. There will be microphones on the main floor for those who cannot access the stage. 


  • The more accessible bathroom is located on the third floor.

    • The doorframe to the bathroom is 36 inches wide. 

    • There will be scent-free soap in all bathrooms.

Accessible Shuttle on October 20

Because we recognize there is a tight turnaround between tournament events on October 20, we are working to be able to provide a mobility device-accessible shuttle from the Democracy Center to finals at First Parish Church. We will post more information when this is solidified. 

Other Accessibility Notes

Soft Spaces:

  • Soft spaces will be provided at the event locations for those who would like a calming space. 

  • We will provide fidgets, molding clay, glitter jars and other mindfulness aids.

Scent and Fragrance Sensitivities

  • FEMS asks that attendees refrain from wearing strong fragrances to FEMS tournament events. We want to ensure our spaces are accessible to those who have chemical or other sensitivities. 

  • Medical nose and mouth masks are available for those who need them. Please notify event staff or visit the ‘soft space’ area. 

Ear Plugs

  • We recognize that poetry slams can be loud and sensorily stimulating. We will provide individually wrapped ear plugs at each location. Please notify event staff or visit the ‘soft space’ area.

FEMS is dedicated to seeing accessibility of our tournament improve each year. We more than welcome your feedback to ensure this happens. For suggestions, concerns, and questions, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator, Jeni Prater, at