Rules and Expectations

  1. I agree to be respectful of all peoples in the tournament space and embrace all aspects of identity including, but not limited to: gender, sexuality, class, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, age, and immigration status.
  2. I will refer to community members using their correct pronouns.
  3. I will practice consent in all of my interactions with community members in and outside of formal tournament and festival events, eg. asking before physical touch, including hugs, placing hands on shoulders, etc.
  4. I will engage in active listening and participation as I am able and is appropriate throughout the course of FEMS tournament and festival events, including, clapping for all performers. As an active participant, I will also take appropriate steps to care for myself and my community throughout the course of the tournament.
  5. I agree to consider accessibility with regards to all aforementioned aspects of identity in all of my behavior at the FEMS festival events.
  6. I agree to adhere to the tournament rules and format as they are set forth on the FEMS registration form.
  7. I agree to hold myself and others accountable in their art and occupation of FEMS spaces.
  8. I agree to lift up and affirm every experience of femininity.