Zenaida / Founding Executive Director

Zenaida is a fire starter, a green witch and a queer of color who has made a habit of performing poetry competitively, coaching, teaching and organizing artist spaces. Zenaida is the author of Breakfast for Dinner and other Blasphemous Things and is a Button Poetry contest finalist for We Weren’t Ghosts. Zenaida believes in creating space for the marginalized and silenced because they do not want to be quiet anymore. Zenaida unwrites the lies they’ve  been given. Zenaida also unwrites violence, misogyny, racism and their ancestors curses.

Sara Mae / Executive Director

Photo Credit: Lip Manegio

Sara Mae is a Taurus sun and crystal witch currently trying to ground herself in Boston, Massachusetts. She is known to be a public cryer, otherwise known as a slam poet. She is the 2017 IWPS rep for Slam Free or Die, a 2018 Emerson College CUPSI team member, and a 2018 Boston Poetry Slam NPS team member. She is a head organizer for the Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam (FEMS) Organization. Her work is published or forthcoming via Tinderbox, Peach Mag, Breakwater Review and elsewhere. Her first chapbook, Priestess of Tankinis is out in July via Game Over Books. She believes in the magic of blue bicycles and orange lipstick. She hopes you think her bangs are not too long.

Mia Willis / Tournament Director

Mia S. Willis is a 23-year-old Black poet and teaching artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. Their work has been featured by or is forthcoming in Curating Alexandria, WORDPEACE, Peculiar: a Queer Poetry Journal, Foothill: a Journal of Poetry, Button Poetry, and Slamfind. Mia is a recipient of the 2018 Foothill Editors’ Prize for their poem “hecatomb,” which was also nominated for a Pushcart Prize. They ranked fourth out of 96 femme poets at the 2018 Women of the World Poetry Slam, placed fifth out of 150 poets at the 2018 Southern Fried Regional Poetry Slam, and won the 2018 Capturing Fire Slam. Mia was also a member of Tender Bitch, the winning team at the 2018 Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam Tournament. In 2019, they served as the Tournament Coordinator for the inaugural New South Poetry Conference, a regional slam tournament and workshop series sponsored by Agnes Scott College for collegiate teams. Mia’s debut poetry collection, monster house., was the 2018 winner of the Cave Canem Foundation’s Toi Derricotte & Cornelius Eady Chapbook Prize and will be published by Jai Alai Books in April 2019.

Jeni / Accessibility Coordinator

Jeni (she/her/hers) is a queer fem Taurus as well as a sexual violence and disability activist. She works at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center on the intersection of these issues, specifically ensuring services for survivors with disabilities are accessible. She also helped coordinate access for the Boston Women’s March in 2017.

Lauren / Website Wiz

Lauren is a queer nonbinary writer who is not sure whether they are more aggressive about being a New Yorker or being a Libra. At any given time, they’re probably running around Boston working with nonprofits like Writers Without Margins, Brink Literacy Project, or 826 Boston. When they’re not doing all things writing and publishing, you can find them missing New York bagels or planning ridiculous spreads for their bullet journal.

Lu Teed / Social Media Manager

Lu Teed wants to be your Facebook friend, sometimes forgets adults exist, and is frequently covered in magic marker. They love being a preschool teacher, and are really tired. They got a degree, but think college is often unkind. They’re thankful for their teams, and making it to CUPSI semifinals stage twice. They’re thankful for growth. They’re thankful for you.

Alanna Moriarty / Marketing Director

Alanna is a bookworm, vegetarian, and Scorpio who finds herself looking for stories to share with the world. A lifelong lover of words, she enjoys weaving them into something meaningful and beautiful — whether that’s for marketing or community-building purposes. Alanna’s favorite way to show love is through cooking, baking, and knitting for her friends. She loves to show off her dwarf rabbit Muffin and will gladly pull out pictures whenever asked. When she’s not working with FEMS and the wider queer community, Alanna is probably writing and ranting about healthcare access and federal policy.

Alison Kronstadt/ Slammaster & Youth Coordinator

Alison Kronstadt (they/them and she/her) is a poet, youth worker and anti-abuse advocate currently living in Boston / on stolen Wampanoag land. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in What Are Birds, Breakwater Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, and voicemail poems, among others. Find them on Twitter @flalymagee.

Andrine Pierresaint / Slammaster & Youth Coordinator​

Andrine Pierresaint is a spoken word youth activist from MA. Her work is about generational healing, using the stories and lessons that her ancestors have given her to survive and keep whole. She is the 2017 Louder than A Bomb Indie slam champion and Brave New Voices International finalist. She’s youth coordinator for the Feminine Empowerment Movement and workshop leader for Books of Hope, mentoring youth artists in several cities around MA.

Andrine has a chapbook called “Even Pears Speak to Me”, where she asserts her individuality, unapologetically,  and with force — while navigating life in a body that the world has deemed unfit.

Julissa Emile / Slammaster

Julissa (or Juju if you can pronounce Julissa) Emile is a twenty year old transplant from the United States Virgin Islands. Their writing focuses on the intersections of blackness, queerness and “if that were a garden, what would grow from it”. They have been featured in Teen Vogue, the Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed and have plans to release a chapbook in the spring of 2020

FEMS Board

Carlie Bristow / President

Carlie Bristow is an artist, museum educator, youth development professional, and creative collaborator in Boston. She is the co-founder of artist collective Make Art and Cry, manager of poetry and cooking duo Adobo-Fish-Sauce and the Teen Programs Associate at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston where she leads their creative youth development programs. In addition, She proudly serves on the board of Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam (FEMS) and co-founded The Cauldron, a monthly communal meal encouraging people to stand in their power through self-care and building community. As an artist, she is focused on creating art where food, the body, intimacy, voice and silence collide through performance art, video, and photography. She is particularly interested in creating spaces of creativity and fostering artistic expression through self exploration.

Anna Binkovitz / Secretary

Anna Binkovitz is a proud queer, disabled, Jewish witch that loves protecting femininity and fellow fems. They are still in shock that they get to work with FEMS and all these dreamy organizers. Anna is from Minneapolis, currently living in New York for an MFA at Sarah Lawrence. Talk to them about acrylic nails, femme rage, and mac and cheese.

Andrine Pierresaint / Treasurer

Andrine Pierresaint is a queer  spoken word artist from Dorchester, MA. She is the 2017 Louder than A Bomb Indie slam champion. She was on the MassLeap team that represented MA at the BNV international competition in California, taking 2nd place. She is currently a teaching artist with MassLeap and runs monthly workshops for pre-teens in Somerville. She is on a youth job campaign with YJPU ( Youth Justice in Power Union) and is the youth coordinator for the organization FEMS (Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam) and on their board.